Jul 4, 2013

Sixthvision: "STATE OF ALARM" by Guillaume Menuel 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

The only sounds you'll hear resonate in the gray and vast alleys of the metropolis are the clicking of boots and jingle of rifles control troops.

They`re here to apply a full and undisputed order in the streets.

Dear citizen , be grateful for your black guardian angels, be grateful and stay quiet, hear the clicking of their boots and the jingle of their rifles in peace.

They're here to protect you from ... you !


Pre-order will be available on Saturday, 6th of July 2013.

US distribution: www.toywiz.com
UK distribution: www.toyhq.co.uk
Thailand distribution: www.jp-toys.com
Indonesia distribution: www.thedragonvault.com

For those who attend Jakarta Popcon Asia 2013, 5-7 July 2013 can Pre-order at our booth.